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Our location in Waterford, MI is unique – we have everything you’ll need for the latest modern training experience plus the added feeling of a traditional baseball stadium. Even the design of the building helps to create an experience from the moment you walk inside. Colors, materials and textures evoke images of the nostalgic ball parks of old while the latest in technology and technique are at work all around:

- High-tech batting cage with computer-controlled pitching simulator

- Video analysis for hitting and pitching training

- Team training area for all your teams offseason needs

- Waiting/reviewing areas with free WiFi

-A wide selection of the most current equipment and gear


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Facilities Features
  Virtual Baseball Simulator / Cages
How a virtual pitcher throws a real ball. We have four High-tech batting cages with computer-controlled pitching simulators that offer players different levels of hitting experiences. read more
  Virtual Baseball Video Trainer
Designed specifically to be the best video review and analysis tool, our systems feature a number of key more
  Virtual Baseball's Team Training Area
Virtual Baseball has it's own offseason fieldhouse.  This 90' x 40' training area allows for teams to practice in unison.  Room can be left wide open or can be customized into multiple tunnels.  read more
  Waiting / Reviewing Areas
For an enjoyable experience even if you’re not the player, we have a comfortable and clean facility with open viewing and modern conveniences. read more
  Baseball Gear
Check out our selection of name brand baseball and softball gear. We all know that technology has played an important role in the development of equipment for the game as well. read more