Philosophy – Technology, Athletics and Fundamentals
It doesn’t matter whether the player is working on hitting, pitching, or some other skill, there are numerous steps in the process which must be mastered.

In hitting, for example, the fundamental movements that a batter goes through for every good swing, and there are many, are cued by the movements of the pitcher. To swing away in front of a pitching contraption may be good for muscle memory, but it may not be the correct muscle memory. Nor does it help the batter in a real-life situation. So we use technology to put the pitcher in front of the batter. At the heart of our facilities are computer-controlled batting cages that use video projection to create an image of a life-sized pitcher throwing official baseballs and softballs for the ultimate teaching and training experience. Along with this are other technological advantages such as video and swing analysis for teaching proper technique, and web-based access to lessons. In addition, our holistic approach includes a variety of skills and drills, strength and agility training and professional instruction for every aspect of the game.