Due to the Governor's Mandate, we will be CLOSED through 3/30/20


Welcome to Virtual Baseball

Welcome to Virtual Baseball

Welcome to Virtual BaseballWelcome to Virtual BaseballWelcome to Virtual Baseball

Baseball and Softball Training Through Advanced Technology

Coronavirus Update

  • We have been closely monitoring the news on the Coronavirus since it has become national news.  We will remain open at this time.  We will be conducting extra cleaning of all commonly touched surfaces including, but not limited to: door handles, tables, chairs, bathrooms, machines, demo bats, demo helmets, cage entrances, tees, and more.  We will be doing this daily to make sure all items in the facility are as sanitary as possible.  We also ask that if you are sick please stay home, and if you come in please use our hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands regularly.  Your health and well-being is our number one concern.

During this time, since there will be no school, we will be extending weekday hours next week to 12PM-9PM Monday-Friday.  This may be extended for the duration of time off school, but this is TBD. We know many kids are at home and still want to practice during this down period. 

Again, we will reevaluate if new information deems necessary.  Please email us at info@virtualbaseball.net for bookings or questions, or call us at 248.599.9550.

Virtual Baseball Staff

About Us


Who We Are

Welcome to Virtual Baseball, home of the next level in baseball and softball skills training. We offer players a unique opportunity for both increased competitive capability and greater enjoyment.

At the heart of our facilities are computer-controlled batting cages that use a video projection to create a life-sized pitcher throwing official baseballs and softballs for the ultimate teaching and training experience. Along with this are other technological advantages such as video and swing analysis for teaching proper technique, and web-based lessons. In addition, our holistic approach includes a variety of skills and drills, strength and agility training and professional instruction for every aspect of the game. 


What We Do

The fundamental movements that the batter goes through for every good swing, and there are many, are cued by the movements of the pitcher. To swing away in front of a pitching contraption is good for muscle memory, but doesn't help the batter in a real-life situation. So we use technology to put the pitcher in front of the batter.  

Our Goal

At Virtual Baseball our main goal is to get our players ahead of the curve.  This game is just as much mental as it is physical.  The key to becoming a successful player is perfect practice and mental preparation.  With proper instruction and the will to learn, we can help players achieve their goals while having fun doing it!

Contact Us

Phone: 248.599.9550

Email: info@virtualbaseball.net

Winter Hours:

Monday-Friday: 4PM-9PM

Saturday: 9AM-4PM

Sunday: 9AM-9PM


Monday-Friday 12 Noon - 9 PM

Virtual Baseball

4667 Dixie Highway, Waterford, Michigan 48329, United States

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